Note: The S/R levels (i.e. likely bank trader order levels) as depicted in their respective timeframes in this and prior articles have not changed, and will probably NEVER change regardless what happens in financial markets. What follows is my own world view, developed from an institutional trading career dating back to 1995.

Safe haven assets are the flavor of the week. Assets like the bonds, gold, and the Japanese yen benefited from the overall confusion.

In the background: the long drawn-out US-China trade war, the completely¬†unreasonable protests that’s paralyzing Hong Kong, a crash in the Argentinian peso, Brexit (of course).

The dollar remains mixed across the board, but weak stock market sentiment is widespread in all major centers as talk of negative interest rate environments become more commonplace.

The following are the S/R levels for all the major pairs we’re looking at, as well as gold.