So PM Theresa May lost the vote on her Brexit deal. No surprises there.

The only surprise for me was the GBPUSD, which still respected the S/R levels (AKA institutional order levels) across the usual timeframes as shown in the H4, H1, and M15 charts below.

The pound plunged briefly and then surged again on short-covering.

To repeat: the correction was merely short-covering. The uncertainty has only increased as the question is being raised on whether Brexit will be delayed pass the March 29 deadline.

We’re not going to predict direction just yet, but the S/R levels as shown should still apply when setting orders on the sterling pound.

EURUSD will range between 1.1380-1.1430 at least in the Far East session after having moved down from the 1.1470 pivot.

When the London session kicks in, we should see a clearer trend outside the above 80-30 range.

There is no change in our intraday outlook for the Aussie and the Japanese yen since yesterday. The M15 charts for these should still stay relevant to scalpers.